You’re not addicted to soda. You’re thirsty!

When I started coaching myself and guiding myself through the same process I would take a client, I had a number of realizations, revelations, and awarenesses. One of them was big. Like – saw-the-last-21-years-in-a-completely-new-light Big.


Soda! The one addiction I’ve never been able to fully shake. Starting back when I was 15 years old and thought a Mountain Dew every day was the best thing on Earth. (Nowadays, Cherry Coke is my jam.) I’ve tried 30-day no-soda challenges, giving it up completely, cutting back, switching to caffeine-free soda, you name it. But… the cravings pull me back in.

So. I went on my coaching journey.

An important side note: my soda crush wasn’t even on my “out-of-balance” list; it wasn’t even on my radar. Which is a funny little thing about going through coaching – things often come to the surface quite naturally, even if you hadn’t consciously thought of them to begin with, as you start to move yourself towards more mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. In other words, when you decide to heal something, even more healing jumps on board the party bus.

During the first couple of steps in my self-coaching journey, I knew I needed a lot of focus on my physical self. I was experiencing excruciating back pain at the time, and obesity. Those were my top 2 areas I wanted to bring towards more balance.

As I designed my Wellness Plan and kept my daily wellness log, one of the things I wanted to work on was drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I know the benefits of drinking water – you hear about them and see articles about them all the time. (But knowing something is good for you doesn’t always make you do it, right?) I knew that drinking more water would help ground me, help me concentrate, aid my digestion and appetite, give me more energy, and help my organs function better. What I didn’t know was that it would completely zap my soda cravings.

Here’s the unexpected way that I found out.

One morning around 10:30 or 11 AM, I noticed that I was starting to crave a soda. I had only consumed 2 glasses of water by then, and since it was still morning (and I have a judgment about drinking soda in the morning), I told myself that I would not drink any before noon. Also, I have a standing deal with myself that I want to have 4 glasses of water in my system every day by noon. It helps me stay on top of my hydration goal. So I downed 2 glasses of water and went back to doing work.

Just after 12:00 noon, without really thinking, I had another glass of water, and then I remembered that I’d been craving a soda just a little while before that. To my surprise, not only was I not craving soda anymore, but I just plain didn’t want it! If someone would have offered me one right then, I would have turned it down – I was totally uninterested! This may not sound like a big deal, but to me it was! My craving had not just dissipated – it was in reverse. My body felt totally satisfied and had not even the tiniest of urges to drink any soda.

Water had totally satiated my body. I realized then that all this time, I’d been starving myself of water. My body had been calling out for it for decades – I wasn’t giving it enough! I tested out my theory over the next few weeks, and every single time, when I gave my body more water, my desire for soda totally, completely disappeared. The back-and-forth battle in my head about knowing it’s not good for me but desperately wanting it anyway totally, completely disappeared. The conclusion I came to was that I wasn’t addicted to soda. I was just thirsty!

Now, every single time I feel that soda craving kick up, my first thought is, “Oh! My body’s asking for water!” I take down as much as I feel I need right then and there, and then return to my life. I have not given up soda completely. I sometimes enjoy having it! I don’t feel that I need to give it up altogether. But what I thought was an addiction that I just couldn’t beat has turned out to simply be a realization that my body needs water.

There is no addiction here – just a need that is met easily, instantly, and healthfully.

If you relate to the soda cravings or self-proclaimed “soda addiction”, I invite you to try on this theory. Try on the practice of drinking 4 glasses of water by noon, and not having a soda until that water is in your system. Each time you feel a soda craving, drink 1-2 glasses of water first, and see if that helps. Just try it on and see if it fits. What have you got to lose?

you're not addicted to soda. you're thirsty.

You're not addicted to soda. You're thirsty.

P.S. Your own revelations and truths are waiting for you! Let’s work together to uncover them.

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