Get Out of Your Head

My journey to creating Celebrate Your Path has been a long one. Someday I’ll write about when it truly began, but it’s mostly been a progression as I passed through different phases and lessons. As I look back now, I can see the different points of my life that were leading me here, though at the time I didn’t know they were very directly shaping my Today.

One of the biggest influences was in 2011. Would you like to guess who had a huge impact on this adventure, and what the catalyst situation was? You might guess something like meeting the man of my dreams, a spiritual retreat to an exotic place, or even a deep conversation with a soul sister. It was none of those.

One of the most influential nudges I have ever received was from my therapist, while she treated me for severe anxiety and depression. She said something to me so simple and yet so profound that it started me on a new path. She told me to get out of my head and get into my body. (You can read the original blog post I wrote about it and see a little leg of the journey it took me on right here.)

Because of those little words of wisdom, I challenged myself to do something each day that would make it even the slightest bit different than the day before. They were just silly, easy things. Actions I could take, despite being a hostage to the paralysis in which depression and anxiety often cage you. (If you have ever gone through that, you know what I’m talking about – that feeling that you are so overwhelmed and overloaded that you can’t even get up to figure out dinner or to answer the phone.) This led me to create a full year’s worth of ideas – one for each day of the year.

If any of this resonates for you right now, I want to gently offer you the same advice that picked me up, dusted me off, and set me back in the right direction:

“What if, each day, you focused JUST on today? What if you decided that you were going to make the best of each moment that day offers? Make the best of your job, your marriage, whatever it is – THAT DAY. What if you paid attention to what the sky looks like? Or felt the texture of your clothes on your skin? Or really LISTENED to what someone was saying to you? What if you went outside and tried to catch as many raindrops in your mouth as you could? What if you took away the pressure of finding bliss, and let yourself just be content?”

You can do it. You’ve got this. And I’m right here with you.

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You can do it.

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You Are Worthy

Yesterday I participated in a live online event where the host was teaching how to do intuitive drawing. After creating our color code chart (what each color means to you personally), one of the exercises we did was a Law of Attraction drawing. We were guided through a meditation to envision that all the things we wanted to attract into our lives were within our grasp, and then to fill ourselves with gratitude. And when we were ready, with our eyes closed, to reach for a pencil and draw whatever our intuition guided us to draw. The whole process was done with eyes closed – no knowing what color we were using or how things were arranged on the page.

When the exercise was finished, I opened my eyes and this is what I saw.


That was pretty much what I saw in my mind’s eye with eyes closed, but what really shocked me was the colors.

Here is what I had written down as my color code prior to this exercise:
Brown: Dull, Ugly, Invisible, Low Self-Esteem, Unworthy
Gray: Lost, Confused, Floating along, Detached
Pink: Sweet, Love, Tender, Gentle, Soft, Cuddly, Childlike, Innocence

What my inner self was showing me in this drawing was that, when it came to bringing things into my life that I dearly wanted, the overlying AND underlying feelings were that I didn’t deserve it! WOW.

And yet, there is this little ball of loving light deep inside me. It’s trying to tell me that I am good. That I am pure and perfect and worthy.

I think my drawing is actually (unfortunately) very universal among us women. I think far too many of us wear this heavy you-are-not-worthy cloak, passed down from generation to generation. And each time we encounter a difficult life situation, an unbalanced relationship, ANYTHING that brings us down, another patch is added to the cloak. It gets heavier and heavier and continues to deplete our personal value.

Unless and until we stop allowing it to.

I felt so sad to see those colors on my drawing. And I will not accept them as being my permanent story. Because I am good. I am pure and perfect and worthy.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a project I will be launching soon. Similar to an e-course, it will be a 3.5-week program that will lead you through a process to achieve your dreams. If you have ever missed out on opportunities, shied away from accomplishing goals, if you feel disconnected from your life, or like life is passing you by, or if you simply want more from life, listen up! These are all symptoms of a deep-seated feeling of unworthiness! If you feel or have felt any of these things, this e-QUEST is for you.

To find out right away when my “Ignite Your Dreams” quest is launched so you can get more information and register, pop your name and email address into the form on the right side of this page, or click here:
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You are good. You are pure and perfect and worthy. You are LOVED!

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Just for Kicks and Giggles

Just because. That's why.

An old (and very dear) friend dropped by yesterday and passed the day gabbing with me. She is a total hoot – one of the boldest, most unabashed people I know. She embodies some of my most revered values – playfulness, silliness, and making the most of a moment. You know those “I don’t know why I did it, but one time I…” occasions? She shared with me a few entertaining anecdotes of her own – times when she did something “just because.”

I love that. Grabbing those instances connects you to the here and now. They break up monotony and boredom, and even tension and aggravation. They splash color into drab days. Even if they aren’t exhilarating or adrenaline-pumping actions, they get you out of your head and into your body. They make you feel alive!

There are countless opportunities each day for random, silly, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants acts. They don’t have to be extravagant, they don’t have to be time-consuming, and they don’t have to cost a thing.

Countless opportunities, I tell you!

I would love to hear from you. What have you done, or will you do today to make today unique from yesterday? Please comment in the “Speak Your Mind” box below.

If you need a little inspiration, please check out my free gift: “A Month of Kicks and Giggles.” This is a downloadable pdf with 30 random, silly, or fun things you can do to add a dash of interest to your days.
You can find it here.

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The no-effort, no-cost, no-brainer way to be present

Yesterday, Day-After-Launch Day, was a day of rest for me. I’d known for weeks that my body, brain, and soul needed a break, but I kept pushing. Yesterday was full of signs telling me, “s-l-o-w      d-o-w-n.”

This morning I wasn’t sure how to proceed with the day. I didn’t feel ready to jump back into the way I had been, but I wanted to be at least somewhat productive. I sat down and did a quick meditation, asking, “What do I need to focus on today?” An image came to my mind – a blanket spread out in the grass of my front yard, my laptop, a notepad, and a pen on the blanket. I was being guided to spend a little time working outside today. Fabulous!

While I was getting myself ready, I let my “human” side argue. “The lawn care company just sprayed a few days ago. Is it safe? What if I can’t get Internet connection out there? What if the laptop battery gets low?” Answers kept coming to resolve all of my concerns, and I had to kind of laugh at myself – why was I trying to come up with problems to this?

So I listened to the guidance.

blanket in grass

As I worked, I heard the birds and the breeze. I felt the sun on my head and the grass under my bare toes. I realized how completely present I felt, and how happy and relaxed. Being out of the house also helped me focus on my project. And I realized then that being outside, sitting on the ground, in the grass was the simplest, quickest way to slow down and reconnect with yourself and the world around you; a no-cost, no-brainer way to be present in the Here & Now.

I’d love to hear from you all – did you spend some time outdoors today? How did it feel?

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When is it time to quit?

A couple of people mentioned yesterday that the timing of my business launch spoke directly to them because they had been struggling with their jobs – not feeling like it was the right place for them and not what they are here to do. This is, oh, so familiar to me as I was able to pry the claws of my former j-o-b from around my neck only a couple months ago.

I wanted to share a couple of things, because I know there are throngs of people out there feeling the same pain.

The first is a status I put on facebook in December 2013:
Facebook Status






This one is from a post I wrote in a separate blog in January 2014:

“I am in the midst of one of the scariest experiences of my life.

Always a “good girl,” reasonable, responsible, calculated, and prepared, I’ve always had my head on straight, my ducks in a row. Yesterday, however, I turned in a letter of resignation at work, with no plan in place for what comes next.

While my soul has been begging me to leave for a very long time, when it came down to it, my fear kept me stagnant. In the last few days before my resignation, despite my unhappiness and dissatisfaction intensifying, my fear did so tenfold. All of the ways my life would change, all of the ways that decision would affect my family, burned in my chest and in my eyes. And that speaks nothing of the volumes of damage already inside me from the job itself – the feelings of worthlessness, discouragement and defeat. Snowballed, I have been a teary, worried mess. Until today.”

Read the full post here.

Please, my friends, if any part of how you spend your days hurts you to your very soul – CHANGE IT! That IS your sign that it is not right for you.

You are meant for something far better and something far better is meant for you. I promise.

You deserve far better
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