Starting from Square 1 – When All of Life Sucks

I recently came across a post in a group where a woman shared that she is in a low point of life right now. Nothing is where she wants it to be. I could totally relate, and if you find yourself in a place like that right now too, I want to share with you my response to her…

… I relate to your story. That was me a few years ago, when my son was a baby. The marriage, the house, my relationship with my son, my work, not having a social/support circle, depression… nothing felt good and I prayed almost every day for my angels to just take me away from the planet.


Life was poopy.

It’s been 3 or 3 1/2 years now and my life is completely different.

My marriage is stable, loving, and supportive. My house is company-ready almost all the time (still needs de-cluttering and more work, but we’ve come a HUGE way). My son and I are so sweetly bonded and I’m so much more patient and happy and loving with him – we go on adventures together on Wednesdays when he’s not in preschool, and we share snuggles all day long. I left my last job and started self-employment from home, which I do when my son is at school or at his grandparents’ house – it is hugely rewarding, even if the income isn’t what puts food on the table.

I have a beautiful social circle now, with a few friends I know I can go to whenever I need to, and we message almost every day, even if it’s just to say one random thing that happened. I learned a lot of healing modalities in these last few years and did mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical work with myself – the depression is gone, and I know it won’t be back again. I wanted to share these things with you because I wanted to point out that in just a few years, one’s life can be completely different. There is hope.

Here are a few things I did, incase they’re helpful for you.

I wrote my bucket list and a “100 Things I Want to Do This Year” list. And I started doing them, whether I had someone to join me or not. I included even little things like local restaurants I wanted to try or movies I wanted to see. I included things I’d like to take my son to, and we do them on our Wednesdays together. (Check out my bucket list program here:

I took classes through our public school’s community education class. On my own. Through them, I’ve done everything from Guitar for Beginners (which I still can’t get the hang of and that’s okay!), to Indian Cooking, to Restorative Yoga, to Juggling, and Bellydancing! It has been so enjoyable and has brought me back to my Self, my identity, and my independence!

I challenged myself to saying, “Yes,” to everything anyone invited me to, whether it was for lunch or to a Pampered Chef party, whether I wanted to or not. I challenged myself to it for 30 days, and then continued on because it only started gaining momentum at that point. (Check out my “Yes Ma’am Challenge” here:

I found a therapist I loved. I looked forward to appointments because it was an appropriate outlet for my emotions, and she helped me with awarenesses I wouldn’t have gotten to on my own.

I had readings with my psychic. Because I’m into that. (And now I do psychic readings for others too.) So that’s my jam.

I learned Reiki and other energetic healing and clearing modalities and worked through some of my big stuff. Big friendships came within my Reiki class. Big healing. Big learning. Big growth.

I wrote letters to my son and tucked them away into a box for him when he’s older. Just whenever the moment struck me, and just wrote about some of the things he’s doing or saying lately. Or something fun that happened, like Christmas or his birthday or a trip.

I started *really* listening to my husband. Not half-assed with the laptop on my lap at the same time. But really listening, and getting curious about him and his day, and asking him more questions to develop our conversations further.

I started telling my husband more about my inner thoughts and feelings. And I would let him know that it was hard for me to talk about things because they were my inner things, and I really needed him to be supportive and open-minded. He never failed me when I was vulnerably honest with him.

I used the concepts taught by FlyLady ( for creating my own morning routine, afternoon routine, and evening routine. It only took me a month of sticking to those routines to have our house company-ready all the time. That made SUCH a huge difference in my head and heart!

I read. I prefer non-fiction self-development type books, and spirituality/healing/New Age type stuff, so I feel like I’m constantly growing. I follow my curiosity and interest at any given time, so there’s always something interesting to learn.

Those are what I can think of off the top of my head. You can do it. One foot in front of the other, stay committed to your soul, and before long, you’ll be looking back at amazement with how far you’ve come too. I love you!

P.S. If you’d like help moving towards your desires, let’s work together in one of my coaching programs!

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Get Out of Your Head

My journey to creating Celebrate Your Path has been a long one. Someday I’ll write about when it truly began, but it’s mostly been a progression as I passed through different phases and lessons. As I look back now, I can see the different points of my life that were leading me here, though at the time I didn’t know they were very directly shaping my Today.

One of the biggest influences was in 2011. Would you like to guess who had a huge impact on this adventure, and what the catalyst situation was? You might guess something like meeting the man of my dreams, a spiritual retreat to an exotic place, or even a deep conversation with a soul sister. It was none of those.

One of the most influential nudges I have ever received was from my therapist, while she treated me for severe anxiety and depression. She said something to me so simple and yet so profound that it started me on a new path. She told me to get out of my head and get into my body. (You can read the original blog post I wrote about it and see a little leg of the journey it took me on right here.)

Because of those little words of wisdom, I challenged myself to do something each day that would make it even the slightest bit different than the day before. They were just silly, easy things. Actions I could take, despite being a hostage to the paralysis in which depression and anxiety often cage you. (If you have ever gone through that, you know what I’m talking about – that feeling that you are so overwhelmed and overloaded that you can’t even get up to figure out dinner or to answer the phone.) This led me to create a full year’s worth of ideas – one for each day of the year.

If any of this resonates for you right now, I want to gently offer you the same advice that picked me up, dusted me off, and set me back in the right direction:

“What if, each day, you focused JUST on today? What if you decided that you were going to make the best of each moment that day offers? Make the best of your job, your marriage, whatever it is – THAT DAY. What if you paid attention to what the sky looks like? Or felt the texture of your clothes on your skin? Or really LISTENED to what someone was saying to you? What if you went outside and tried to catch as many raindrops in your mouth as you could? What if you took away the pressure of finding bliss, and let yourself just be content?”

You can do it. You’ve got this. And I’m right here with you.

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You can do it.

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