3 Ways to Clear Emotions Which Are Not Yours

Smooth sailing as I drove down the highway headed home. The sky was babiest of blues, with tufts of white feathery clouds. The day was slow, easy, lovely. Except… I was full of rage.

It didn’t make sense! There was no reason for anger! I’d spent my work day with honey-sweet people in a sleepy little town in southern Iowa. Nothing was amiss; there were no extremes in life. And yet, I felt so furious that I found myself wanting to roar! Consciously, rationally, I knew that not only was there no reason for it, but it didn’t even feel like it was coming from me. There was only one possibility I could think of: I was carrying somebody else’s pain.

Getting help

I called a friend of mine who, at the time, was my go-to whenever I was experiencing emotions that didn’t feel like mine.  “Can you clear me? I don’t know what’s going on. I’m so angry, but there’s no reason for it.”

She talked to me for a few minutes, calmly, chatting with me about other things so as to distract me from the feeling. Meanwhile, psychically (“remotely” as we call it in Reiki) she cleared the anger from me. Within minutes I felt totally relieved of it. It was like someone had taken an invisible squeegee to my chest, scraping off a bucket of black tar and leaving me sparkly and clean. I knew then and there that I needed to learn how to do that for myself.

Here’s the deal: feelings and emotions are energy.

They exist, and because they have no physical form to which they have to adhere, they can float, move, and be directed anywhere, anytime. Emotions don’t have to be mindful of the rules we humans have created about space and time; they can appear in any place, at any time, and even weave and split through dimensions. They can, consciously or unconsciously, be transferred from one person to another. Heads up to those who relate to the terms “empath” or “highly sensitive person” – this can create a challenge for folks like us, because we are created and tuned in a way that we experience all types of energy – those of our own and those of others (including plants, animals, spaces, elements, etc. – which is a whole other post).

Over the years, I’ve learned a few really cool techniques for clearing energy. Depending on the circumstance, I might choose one technique over another. I always tune in to my intuition to help me determine what will be most helpful at any given time. I recommend for you to do the same.

Here are a few of my favorite techniques for clearing other peoples’ energy off and out of my own energy field.

1. Clearing statements
2. Reiki
3. Visualization with intention

1. Clearing statements. A clearing statement is, in a nutshell, spoken intention. In using one, a person creates a phrase that removes a thought, belief, or feeling from her/himself, and can do so out loud or silently. The way I usually word a clearing statement to remove someone else’s energy or emotion from me might sound like this:

“Every part of this anger that is not mine, I totally and completely release it now. I clear all of it from my energy field and from my body, and release it down into Mother Earth to be neutralized and transmuted into something beautiful. I also seal and solidify my protective surrounding and block any additional energy from entering.”

2. Reiki. When I’m experiencing energy or emotions that aren’t mine, I like to call on my Reiki training. Again, depending on what I’m feeling, and always using my intuition, I might place my hands in the positions over the heart chakra, throat chakra, or around my head, and begin Reiki with the intention of clearing and releasing what is not mine, healing what is mine, and protecting myself from more incoming.

3. Visualization with intention.  Because I’m highly visual in my mind’s eye, this is one of my staples. It also works fantastically well when I do it for other people remotely (from a distance). If you are strong with clairvoyance (seeing images in your mind) or find it easy to participate in guided meditations or visualizations, this one may be very easy for you to use.

To do it: create quiet space for yourself and close your eyes.  In your imagination or mind’s eye, bring yourself to see the space around your heart, head, throat, wherever you’re experiencing the emotion or sensation that is not yours. You might see the energy that is not yours in some form – perhaps as particles, strings or strands, a block or wall around your head/heart, etc. or you might not see it.

Imagine that all of the energy that is not yours is being cleared from you – you might see yourself sweeping or combing through your energy field or you might visualize a shower of silver or golden light or water cleansing down you from above. Whatever image comes to mind for you is perfect. Visualize the space around you, on you, and within you being cleared and cleansed of all that is not yours and all that is not needed, and imagine it washing down a drain at your feet, into the earth.

Once when doing this remotely for someone who had been in a bad mood all day, I had to energetically chip away at what seemed like hard clay all around her head. Later, without telling her exactly what I’d seen or done in my mind’s eye, she told me that her head felt much lighter and clearer, and the bad mood was gone. Another friend, who was experiencing overwhelming sadness that was not hers, reported instantly feeling it lift when I clairvoyantly swept through the energy around her head, raking my fingers through, collecting all that was not hers and removing it.


The most important ingredient in all of these techniques is intention. Intention is making a conscious decision. It is believing that what you are doing is actually working and making a difference. It is acknowledging something as True. Things done with intention are more potent, so if you remember nothing else when the time comes to clear, remember that using intention is the key to releasing anything that is not yours and does not serve you.

Try these out and let me know how they work for you!

♥ Amber

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