Self-discovery runs through my veins

Hello, my name is Amber, and I’m obsessed with self-discovery.

Amber Diehm Heuer

My mom has said, on several occasions, that I think too much.

My husband, at times when I have shared with him a weird and wonderful synchronicity, sign, symbol, whatever you want to call it, and how I feel that it relates to my life, has said, “I’m listening to you. It sounds cool. I just don’t understand it.”

(This is one of the beautiful things about family, by the way. They may not get us, but they still show up every day as our mom, our partner, etc. And they try again. Or they don’t. Either way is fine, because the point is they keep showing up as our family.)

Anyway, my loved ones can attest: I have always been searching. And thinking. Wandering and wondering.

I can’t even pinpoint a time when it started, but two of my [many] catalysts were when I started writing my bucket list (at age 25) and when I read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. (There is also a (semi-cheesy) movie version of “The Secret”.)

My degree is in Social Work, and a great deal of the education and work within that field are based in psychology, sociology, culture. Self-discovery!

Since I (with intention) began my spiritual journey in 2013, I’ve encountered countless theories about what God is, about the Soul, about Purpose, about healing, about why things happen. Self-discovery!

And when I dove into the curriculum to become a certified integrative coach, I unlocked a chest full of new tools and awarenesses. Self-discovery!

To me, it’s fascinating. Each time you uncover something and fit that piece together with another, it’s like finding clues to a mystery. That’s not just thrilling – it’s hugely rewarding. Because it means that life makes more sense. When life makes more sense, it becomes a lot easier. Lighter. A lot more cozy. You can breathe again. You can smile. You can even laugh.

It hasn’t always been so for me. How about you?

That’s why I’m so passionate about self-discovery. Because, quite simply, it makes life better.

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