Ignite Your Dreams: The Bucket List Quest

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What is the most amazing thing you’ve done?
What has been your greatest adventure?
What has been your shining moment?

Do you struggle to find an answer to those questions?
Have you missed out on opportunities you really wanted to pursue?
Have you shied away from accomplishing any of your personal dreams?
Do you feel disconnected from your life, like it is passing you by?
Do you simply want more?

Are you ready to:
Break out of your shell…
Start dreaming and pursuing all of your possibilities…
Have great stories to tell…
And to just have fun already?!

Are you ready to Ignite Your Dreams? Ignite Your Dreams logo Ignite Your Dreams: The Bucket List Quest is not just another e-course. This is not a program based around reading a few lessons and forgetting about it as soon as it’s over. It is truly a QUEST. You will be creating the roadmap for everything you want to accomplish through the rest of your life, and then, most importantly, you will START DOING THEM!

Stop waiting! Start living!

Ignite Your Dreams today!


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Ignite Your Dreams may not be for you if:
You allow external factors (like time, money, or relationships) to hold you back.
You require other people to get you to the finish line.
You are unwilling to push yourself outside of your comfort zone or to take a risk now and then.
You feel that you are not worthy to pursue your own dreams, passions, and interests.

Imagine one year from today.

What would your life look like if you started today? What would 5 years from now look like? What would it look like in 10 years? And at the end of your days here? How would your life look – if you started to Ignite Your Dreams today?

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Here are some of the topics covered:
A crucial evaluation to make before you start writing your bucket list
What to consider when choosing a format to permanently house your bucket list
The two books that have given me the most inspiration
The villain that’s been blocking you and how to banish it from stopping you ever again
Four techniques to planning out all the details necessary for the pursuit of your goals
Where to find your next bucket list experience, right in your own community
How to encourage others to join you in your adventure, and the most important thing for you to know when they just won’t
Plus tons of:
Personal examples
Motivational quotes
Reflection prompts and dares to move you toward your goals
Worksheets and templates that you can print out and use right away
AND a 22-page workbook of ideas to include on your list!

Ready to Ignite Your Dreams?

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