Business Chakra AuditBusiness Chakra Audit for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Tune in to what’s going on within your business with this easy and comprehensive tool so that you can tune up your unique business.
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Design a Dream Board
Design a Dream Board in 6 Easy Steps
A Dream Board is a great way to articulate what it is that you want in your life. This guide walks you through how to create your own.
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Ignite Your Dreams logo
Ignite Your Dreams: The Bucket List Quest
Ignite Your Dreams: The Bucket List Quest is not just another e-course. This is not a program based around reading a few lessons and forgetting about it as soon as it’s over. It is truly a QUEST. You will be creating the roadmap for everything you want to accomplish through the rest of your life, and then, most importantly, you will START DOING THEM! Stop waiting! Start living!
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30-day “Yes Ma’am Challenge”Yes Ma'am Challenge
Have you heard of the movie, Yes Man? Here’s the synopsis: Jim Carrey’s character becomes withdrawn and negative after his divorce. He attends a seminar where the speaker forces him to make a vow to stop being a “No Man” and only answer “Yes” to every opportunity, request, or invitation that comes up. The “Yes Ma’am Challenge” will embolden shy, introverted, or lonely women to embrace opportunities to connect with others by saying “Yes” for 30 days.
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Meet Your Power Animal MeditationMeet Your Power Animal Meditation
Meet Your Power Animal Meditation is a Shamanic-inspired journey that will take you to meet your Power Animal; your main animal spirit guide, one who is with you as a valuable ally who can help you through life’s changes and challenges. When you meet your Power Animal, and develop a strong soul-to-soul bond with it, you’ll learn and understand what “medicine” it brings to your life; that is, the important lessons it has to teach you. Your Power Animal will show you what tools to use (which you already have in your soul’s toolbox), and how to handle each situation you encounter in life.
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Celebrate Your BlessingsCelebrate Your Blessings: 30 Days of Gratitude
If you desire rekindling your connection to the blessings within and all around you, sign up for Celebrate Your Blessings! This downloadable and printable guide lists 30 inspirations for you to reflect on people, places, and experiences in your every day life that have blessed you. Celebrate your blessings by committing to gratitude, feeling into gratitude, and sharing gratitude every day for 30 days. Can you do it?
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god-box-boogie-squareGod Box Boogie
Join me for a 7-day quest to designate and put into practice your very own God Box – a special, sacred container that holds prayers, wishes, and positive thoughts, with the intention of sending Universal or Divine love and energy to them.
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invoke-team-webinarInvoke a Team of Spirit Guides
A webinar all about how to invoke a team of spirit guides who will help you reach a goal or intention that you have set. Whether you want guidance and support with a business or project, a relationship, emotional or physical health issues, or any other challenge, concern, or pursuit, invoking a team of spirit guides is an amazing and effective way to conquer it!
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SAS Spirit Animal Safari
Grab your boots and binoculars, because we’re going on a wilderness adventure into the Spirit Animal Kingdom! We’ll learn about animal spirit guides, Power Animals, and their “medicine” (aka *why* they show up).
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Purpose SchmurposePurpose Schmurpose. What the Bleep Am I Here For?
Join me for this webcast series where I’m sharing some exercises to explore possibilities of your purpose. Try out the exercises to uncover clues to your amazing potential. I promise: you DO have your own unique and wonderful value to contribute.
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