You’re not addicted to soda. You’re thirsty!

When I started coaching myself and guiding myself through the same process I would take a client, I had a number of realizations, revelations, and awarenesses. One of them was big. Like – saw-the-last-21-years-in-a-completely-new-light Big.


Soda! The one addiction I’ve never been able to fully shake. Starting back when I was 15 years old and thought a Mountain Dew every day was the best thing on Earth. (Nowadays, Cherry Coke is my jam.) I’ve tried 30-day no-soda challenges, giving it up completely, cutting back, switching to caffeine-free soda, you name it. But… the cravings pull me back in.

So. I went on my coaching journey.

An important side note: my soda crush wasn’t even on my “out-of-balance” list; it wasn’t even on my radar. Which is a funny little thing about going through coaching – things often come to the surface quite naturally, even if you hadn’t consciously thought of them to begin with, as you start to move yourself towards more mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. In other words, when you decide to heal something, even more healing jumps on board the party bus.

During the first couple of steps in my self-coaching journey, I knew I needed a lot of focus on my physical self. I was experiencing excruciating back pain at the time, and obesity. Those were my top 2 areas I wanted to bring towards more balance.

As I designed my Wellness Plan and kept my daily wellness log, one of the things I wanted to work on was drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I know the benefits of drinking water – you hear about them and see articles about them all the time. (But knowing something is good for you doesn’t always make you do it, right?) I knew that drinking more water would help ground me, help me concentrate, aid my digestion and appetite, give me more energy, and help my organs function better. What I didn’t know was that it would completely zap my soda cravings.

Here’s the unexpected way that I found out.

One morning around 10:30 or 11 AM, I noticed that I was starting to crave a soda. I had only consumed 2 glasses of water by then, and since it was still morning (and I have a judgment about drinking soda in the morning), I told myself that I would not drink any before noon. Also, I have a standing deal with myself that I want to have 4 glasses of water in my system every day by noon. It helps me stay on top of my hydration goal. So I downed 2 glasses of water and went back to doing work.

Just after 12:00 noon, without really thinking, I had another glass of water, and then I remembered that I’d been craving a soda just a little while before that. To my surprise, not only was I not craving soda anymore, but I just plain didn’t want it! If someone would have offered me one right then, I would have turned it down – I was totally uninterested! This may not sound like a big deal, but to me it was! My craving had not just dissipated – it was in reverse. My body felt totally satisfied and had not even the tiniest of urges to drink any soda.

Water had totally satiated my body. I realized then that all this time, I’d been starving myself of water. My body had been calling out for it for decades – I wasn’t giving it enough! I tested out my theory over the next few weeks, and every single time, when I gave my body more water, my desire for soda totally, completely disappeared. The back-and-forth battle in my head about knowing it’s not good for me but desperately wanting it anyway totally, completely disappeared. The conclusion I came to was that I wasn’t addicted to soda. I was just thirsty!

Now, every single time I feel that soda craving kick up, my first thought is, “Oh! My body’s asking for water!” I take down as much as I feel I need right then and there, and then return to my life. I have not given up soda completely. I sometimes enjoy having it! I don’t feel that I need to give it up altogether. But what I thought was an addiction that I just couldn’t beat has turned out to simply be a realization that my body needs water.

There is no addiction here – just a need that is met easily, instantly, and healthfully.

If you relate to the soda cravings or self-proclaimed “soda addiction”, I invite you to try on this theory. Try on the practice of drinking 4 glasses of water by noon, and not having a soda until that water is in your system. Each time you feel a soda craving, drink 1-2 glasses of water first, and see if that helps. Just try it on and see if it fits. What have you got to lose?

you're not addicted to soda. you're thirsty.

You're not addicted to soda. You're thirsty.

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Self-discovery runs through my veins

Hello, my name is Amber, and I’m obsessed with self-discovery.

Amber Diehm Heuer

My mom has said, on several occasions, that I think too much.

My husband, at times when I have shared with him a weird and wonderful synchronicity, sign, symbol, whatever you want to call it, and how I feel that it relates to my life, has said, “I’m listening to you. It sounds cool. I just don’t understand it.”

(This is one of the beautiful things about family, by the way. They may not get us, but they still show up every day as our mom, our partner, etc. And they try again. Or they don’t. Either way is fine, because the point is they keep showing up as our family.)

Anyway, my loved ones can attest: I have always been searching. And thinking. Wandering and wondering.

I can’t even pinpoint a time when it started, but two of my [many] catalysts were when I started writing my bucket list (at age 25) and when I read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. (There is also a (semi-cheesy) movie version of “The Secret”.)

My degree is in Social Work, and a great deal of the education and work within that field are based in psychology, sociology, culture. Self-discovery!

Since I (with intention) began my spiritual journey in 2013, I’ve encountered countless theories about what God is, about the Soul, about Purpose, about healing, about why things happen. Self-discovery!

And when I dove into the curriculum to become a certified integrative coach, I unlocked a chest full of new tools and awarenesses. Self-discovery!

To me, it’s fascinating. Each time you uncover something and fit that piece together with another, it’s like finding clues to a mystery. That’s not just thrilling – it’s hugely rewarding. Because it means that life makes more sense. When life makes more sense, it becomes a lot easier. Lighter. A lot more cozy. You can breathe again. You can smile. You can even laugh.

It hasn’t always been so for me. How about you?

That’s why I’m so passionate about self-discovery. Because, quite simply, it makes life better.

Join me, starting February 7th, 2017, for Total Transformation, an 8-week whole-life integrative coaching program that provides the tools, support, and resources for you to set and achieve goals, move towards wellness and balance, and overcome negative patterns. The program is holistic – that is, it helps you move towards your desired outcomes in all four aspects of your Self: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Register here:

Total Transformation

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The Spirit “Dream Team” for My Business

I was sitting quietly today thinking about Celebrate Your Path, and about the DreamCatcher Activation Program, and I heard a voice say, “Tell them who we are.

I knew it was my guides, specifically my business’ “Dream Team” saying I should introduce them so that others could see and understand how this works. I connected in with them to double-check that it would be okay with each of them, and of course they were all on board.

These are the guides who I connect with when I have questions about my business, need direction in my business, want clarity with something business-related, or just want a “creative jam session,” so to speak, where they each throw out ideas for things I could try offering or doing.

When I invoked this group, I asked for angels and guides who could and would help me with my business, the gifts I possess which can translate into my work in the world, and my life purpose. It is very specific and yet very all-encompassing for who I wanted on my business Dream Team. So here they are, in no particular order except the order they came through to me the last time I connected with them…

Rakiel – A female being who is of the star or planet called “Soreil.” Her color is green. Her essence is that of a go-getter, but gentle and positive. A mentor-peer. Like a crew leader or camp counselor. She is friendly and uplifting, casual. She teaches beginners/”young recruits”. (I don’t understand yet to what they are beginners.) She wants to teach me to teach others on my planet. She likes having weekly sessions with me where we implement and revisit my progress. (Sound like a coach? LOL)

Eagle Man / Horux – An ancient being of the desert. “A Guardian of the Ancients/Ancestors.” And a “Gatekeeper for the Wisdom of the Ancestors.” He is the librarian of “all records”. If you are familiar with Akashic Records, I understand that this is very similar to that, except it is specifically for Earthly records than All records. His essence is soldier-esque/guardian-esque. Very formal. Very serious. He appears as a man with an eagle head and his arms are winged-arms. He tells me I am invited to access the records, that my soul is on a quest to look into these records, and that when I want to access them, he will escort me and help me find what is needed. He can help me find the records associated with my purpose. He told me I will receive his messages through black crows, that they will be his messengers and I will know it is his messages because the crow will interact almost directly with me, and that we will interact “as needed” rather than regular check-ins.

Siobhian (pronounced Si-oh-bee-en) – a small male caterpillar/slug looking creature. He is my teacher. A teacher of the sciences – natural sciences, natural laws, natural physics, maths, formulas, patterns, repetition, plants, and nature. He tells me “You are a student of this Earth,” and that I am to learn rhythms, patterns, chains, and cycles of life. He gave me an example: “Look at a rose, the overlapping of the petals. Count the petals. Notice the pattern. See the spiral.” His essence is old and wise, and yet gentle. Kind of nutty-professor type feel to him. He wishes to do a “summer intensive” with me, almost like an internship, from May through August this year. (Summer School!)

Kalai (pronounced Ka-lay’) – A very high vibration, high-fast energy, flitting, buzzing being. Her color is white with yellow, like a daisy. She described herself as Fae – a being of the physical, natural world, who comes from another dimension of this planet. She changes energies in environments to an energy of peace. She uses elements, natural elements for human problems and needs. She wants to help me bring more natural elements into my practice to support clients who are more receptive to the tactile, tangible rather than the energetic, and to give a physical “talisman” (things like feathers, pebbles, “touchstones,” and wooden totems) infused with energy for whatever healing or aid is needed, which will then bring that energy and aid into their physical world. She works with me during Goddess Gatherings, during one-on-ones with clients, and in all healing work.

Fronderick (goes by Franz) – a baker, chef, and artisan from somewhere in Europe – not sure if it is Austria or Switzerland. His essence is a bit huffy, bossy, and stern. He is a perfectionist. He showed me the small figures he makes with tiny, intricate moving parts, which was amazing because he had huge sausage-like fingers. He takes great pride in his work and has beautiful results to show for it. His love of details, his work at details, and paying attention to intricate details spans all mediums whether he is creating bread or cakes or woodworking. The first time I connected with Franz, I asked him about my own specialty, and he showed me an image of fingers dropping the tiniest seed into soil – and the seeds were just tiny little balls of bright bright golden white light. He said to me, “You are planting seeds of light.” (Wow, that gives me shivers every time I think about that.) He shared that we connect because we both create what will sustain and nourish people, by building a recipe, mixing it, and preparing it for baking. His recipes call for water, wheat, leavening, and salt. My recipes call for light, love, and will. How cool is that?

Agatha – the Crone. I have to admit, I wanted to avoid Agatha when I first connected with her, because she showed me things that I am scared of – the darker side of being connected to other realms. Certainly I have healing work to do around those areas. The beautiful part of Agatha and her work with me is that she is a protector of children. Anytime I have questions about children or how to help children, especially things that involve dark matters, fears, scary times, etc. to call in her help. While not something I’ve had to do yet, I do feel like I will need to someday.

The last 4 are not beings who stepped forward to join my team. They are beings I specifically requested to be on my team, because they are so important in every aspect of my life.

My Power Animal – Eagle. Eagle always shares his higher perspective with me in all matters.

Two other special animal spirit guides – Owl and Sparrow. Owl is a great oracle and there is never a time I don’t call on Owl’s great wisdom. Sparrow is a protector and companion, and I choose to always honor him being at my side by including him in all things.

And last but absolutely not least – Archangel Michael. Not only does Archangel Michael help remove fears and offer great protection, he is the archangel who helps with one’s life purpose and direction. He is my go-to man nearly every day with all matters, and there’s no way I’d leave him out of such an important piece of my life. Together, he and I understand that he is like the Team Leader – the supervisor, overseeing the “project” as a whole.

During our work together in the DreamCatcher Activation Program, we invoke a team of guides specifically for you, and specifically for the project or dream for which we’re working together. For those who aren’t sure how to invoke guides or channel, I do this part for you during one of our sessions. I give you details like what you’ve seen above – whatever is shown to me, I share with you. And once we’ve gotten to know them, we include them in the support and logistics team for your project. We check in with them regularly and ask for guidance, suggestions, ideas, whatever is needed at the time.

(Side note: You can create teams for ANY area of your life with which you want extra help or guidance. I have done this with health issues, projects, relationships, etc. Each team will be made of guides who have knowledge and experience with that particular area. Each team is totally tailored to what your needs are and what you’re looking for.)

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without my Dream Team. They constantly give me fun and creative ideas to try. They constantly push me to achieve what’s in my heart. They constantly remind me of their presence, and that they are behind the scenes working too. They’re amazing. And I love knowing that I’m not in this alone.

Interested in the DreamCatcher Activation Program? Find out more here.

Spirit Guides

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