Earth Angel, You Are Here on a Mission.

A mission of purpose, Shine Your Light
a mission of empowerment,
a mission of joy!
A light glows inside of you, just waiting to pour out.

You ARE that light, and it is time for you to shine!

Aspiring Earth Angels, Lightworkers, & Luminaries…
Intuitives, healers, lightworkers,
creatives, activists, advocates, coaches,
teachers, counselors, guides…

You have walked a path, rich in texture…
You see now that you were given a gift through each experience.
Your Soul calls to you to do beautiful, meaningful work in the world!

But psssst… let us not overlook that, even with these incredible souls of ours, with lifetimes of history and a path of spiritual development still and forever unfolding, and even with these grand callings, we are living a human life, right now. Right this very moment! So let’s be human. Let’s experience this human-ness thing. Let’s enjoy it in all its colors and flavors.

Here, we celebrate all of it. The big and the small. The spirit and the human. The depth and the simplicity. The eternal and the day-to-day.

Sound good to you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

My wish for you is four-fold:

♥ That you feel Divinely heard, seen, supported, guided, loved, and valuable.
♥ That in feeling those things, you learn to Be those things.
♥ That in Being those things, your gifts shine out on the world.
♥ That you fully experience and celebrate every step of that beautiful journey.

Hi, Beautiful Soul! My name is Amber,
and I am on this planet to help
aspiring Earth Angels,
Lightworkers, and Luminaries
to live aligned and alight
by creating a life and work made of
Truth, purpose, and magic!

Are you ready? Take the first step by filling out the form to the right to receive email updates. Then check out the gifts I have to offer you right here. If you have questions or just want to share with me, I’d love to hear from you.