Earth Angel, You Are Here on a Mission.

A mission of purpose, Shine Your Light
a mission of empowerment,
a mission of joy!
A light glows inside of you, just waiting to pour out.

You ARE the light, and it is time for you to shine!

Aspiring Earth Angels, Lightworkers, & Luminaries…
Intuitives, healers, energyworkers,
bodyworkers, mind-body-soul leaders and teachers,
spiritual coaches, counselors, and practitioners…

You have walked a path, rich in texture…
You see now that you were given a gift through each experience.
Your Soul calls to you to do beautiful, meaningful work in the world!

And here you are, as the lovely human you are. Even with these incredible souls of ours, with lifetimes of history and a path of spiritual development still and forever unfolding, and even with these grand callings, we are living a human life, right now. Right this very moment. As we experience this human-ness “thing”, each of us carries with us codes of pain and fear. We carry with us thoughts and emotions from every experience we’ve encountered. When we don’t process and do something with those bits of code, they can block the doors to joy and growth.

As Lightbringers, we have big work to do in the world.

I’m here to help you with that.

Hello! My name is Amber, and I help women spiritual + holistic lifestylers and practitioners to heal their own “stuff” so they can deepen their spirituality, align to their life’s mission, and joyfully serve the planet in their own unique way.

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